- GEOSEC has become a valued and qualified trademark in all the markets where our technology is applied.
- GEOSEC is the owner and the exclusive developer of its technologies.
- GEOSEC brings its experience, its knowledge, its reliability and reputation to the market in supporting serious and qualified entrepreneurial projects.
- GEOSEC has operated in the European market since 2003 and today boasts thousands of interventions performed with great success and satisfaction of its customers.
- GEOSEC has developed and improved the technology of injection of expanding resins in soils thanks to the support of innovative systems integrated to surveys and controls of the interventions (before, during and after the treatments).
- GEOSEC has become the technological leader of the market thanks to sophisticated and increasingly accurate solutions.
- GEOSEC is able to provide all the necessary support for the success of your business project.

The main target market deals with the resolution of subsidence issues in ground foundations in the following sectors: residential, commercial, public buildings, historical and artistic buildings, airport runways, industrial floor slabs, road pavements, railways, etc. Moreover GEOSEC solutions can be used to mitigate the risk of liquefaction in loose soils.

The target market presents several interesting opportunities:

- The global market is growing more and more every year
- The number of poor quality constructions is increasing
- The urbanization is growing and so is the number of constructions on poor soil
- The infrastructures in the western countries are becoming older
- The global warming is causing changes in ground surface temperatures
- The need to preserve what was already built
- The presence of very few competitors in the entire world
- The market is continuously demanding targeted, fast and above all minimally invasive solutions.