Climate changes, the increase and diffusion of the problems of soil subsidence and the high expectations of our customers, require us to develop the best operational technology which meets the criteria of mini invasiveness, better effectiveness, speed of execution and respect for the environment. In order to ensure adequate consolidation and proper stabilization of the soil underneath the foundations it is necessary to treat the significant volume that supports the building. GEOSEC is able to achieve this in a safe and definite way, thanks to targeted injections realized with small holes that pass through and/or pass around the sunken foundation.

The leading market technological solution designed to contrast vertical differential settlements of the ground under the foundations of buildings. The method consists of the injection of expanding resins into the ground targeting the areas indicated by the 4D Electrical Resistivity Tomography and comparative penetration tests. READ MORE >

Today it is the leading market technological solution thanks to the great innovative contribution that has been able to introduce expanding resins in the sector of soil consolidation. It is the significant result of investments in research and development of our network, it is also the only solution on the market which, thanks to the 3D resistivity tomography, is able to accurately target the injections in the ground "where they are needed" and monitor the effects during the activity, a technological feature of strategic importance and critical to the success of the interventions. We know that subsidence is often due to concentrations of water, sewer leaks, presence of voids in the soil, especially when placed underneath the sunken building and thus we understand how important it is to know about their presence and their distribution in the subsoil. This is why the most adequate and reliable diagnostic technology on the market for problems of land subsidence, turns out to be the 3D Electrical Resistivity Tomography. With 3D E.R.T. it is possible to overcome many of the limitations of geotechnical testing on site which are punctual and therefore limited and do not permit the identification of sewer leaks, volumetric lithologic distributions, concentrations of water and the presence of voids.
Intensive focus on 3D E.R.T. technology allowed us to operate, unique on the market with experience of the application, with an advanced tool that allows the collection almost in real time of significant amounts of data of the soil, the management of complex and dynamic scenarios which request a scrupulous and professional observation of the phenomena of consolidation during treatment.
GEOSEC injects the MAXIMA resin into the ground targeting the areas indicated by the geological model obtained from the combined results of the geoelectrical investigation (ERT 3D) and the penetrometric test.
MAXIMA is an expanding polyurethane resin designed by GEOSEC and especially devised to respect the ecosystem into which it is injected. Once the chemical reaction is completed, the resin stabilizes itself and assumes the characteristics of simple aggregates without polluting the environment.

The traditional solution for the consolidation of sunken floors and for the lifting of depressed surfaces. The method involves the injection of a special expanding resin between the sunken floor and the ground underneath it, right where you need to restore the flatness of the surface and/or increase the bearing capacity of the substrate. READ MORE >