GEOSEC Solution for Liquefaction
The innovative solution to consolidate sandy soils susceptible to phenomena of liquefaction. The method consists of the injection of special expanding resins in the soil at the required depth, around and beneath buildings or building areas. READ MORE >

The method has proved to be an alternative solution of significant interest in cases which required the mitigation of liquefaction risk. The advantages of this method compared to more traditional solutions for injections are:

In building recovery: benefits to the structures
• There is no need for diggings and heavy drillings and it does not produce vibrations to the works;
• It does not require works of demolition and reconstruction of the existing foundations;
• It does not produce improper lifting.

Benefits to the soil
• There is no need for high thrust pressure in the injection phase such as in jet grouting method and therefore the risk of dispersion of the mixture is greatly reduced, allowing instead a targeted action in the volume of soil needed;
• It does not increase the weight of the soil after treatment: the specific weight of the mixture is much lower than the cement mixtures;
• The time of ripening of the mixture is almost incomparable to traditional injections of cement mixtures and more precisely in a minimum ratio of at least 1/30;
• It does not pollute, the soil after treatment remains unpolluted (Legislative Decree no. 152/06, as amended);